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Blend into your natural habitat or just let it all hang out— this is the essence of a Commando. And


Off-the-cuff is how you tick—summoning a certain spontaneity that others find undeniable. Permission to rock out with your *shhh* out,


Now you see me. Now you don’t— The way of the Manther is instinctual; often elusive but always intentional. Embrace

Purple Rain

You’ve got an air of extravagance about you—a funk that can’t be matched. You’re as smooth as velvet. When you


You’re a stealth—a tactician on a mission to covertly cloak crown jewels, leaving just the right amount of inner thigh.

Sultan Of Wings

You are the sovereign of sauciness. You’re worth more than gold, WAIT! NO! You are more precious than life itself.

The Hef

You’ve built your empire. You’re successful, sophisticated and down-right desirable. The musk of the finest single malt seeps through your

VENIK – (Eucalyptus)

Eucalyptus sauna whisk has powerful healing effect. Eucalyptus leaves contain up to 3% of essence oils which makes it extremely