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Body Strategist Cream Gel

Liposomal gel cream to treating the imperfections of edematous cellulite and water retention. Formulated in a skin-friendly liposomal structure, it

Body Strategist D-Age Cream

Rich and deliciously scented cream to tone the skin and rejuvenate its appearance through its targeted firming, antioxidant, elasticizing and

Clarifying Cream

A moisturizing cream ideal for oily and combination type of skin. This light cream-gel restores a bright and clear skin

Cucumber Eye Gel

Soothing cucumber and active herbal ingredients soothe and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Results – Collagen fibers appear reinforced and

Eye Zone Cream

An eye cream that rejuvenates the delicate skin around the eyes the natural way. A rich protective formula with GLA,


A skin-quenching formula with SPF 15 broad spectrum sunscreen and a refreshing hint of lemongrass. Recommended by The Skin Cancer

Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream

This rich, nourishing eye cream will help diminish the visible signs of aging overnight. Lavender and evening primrose provide aromatherapy

Mattifying Cream

A non-greasy moisturizer that controls the oil production. Ideal for oily and acneic skin. This non-greasy moisturizer contains oil-controlling calcium

Renewal Cream

A moisturizing cream that treats fine lines and wrinkles. Contains anti-oxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE which help to reduce